Welcome to my digital playground!

If you are…

  • A practicing Technical Communicator who’s considering pursuing a Master’s degree in Technical Communication (or just heard about it for the first time right now) OR
  • A Technical Communication student who’s worried about searching for and surviving at a technical writing job OR
  • A tech newbie who wants to “become more technical” but can’t find a manageable, realistic starting point to build your own app in the ever-changing technological landscape

…you are in the right place!

Every week in 2018, I post about pursuing a graduate degree in Technical Communication, behind-the-scenes action as a technical writer at a startup in New York, and software fundamentals:

MS in Tech Comm: Every Monday, I post about the pursuing a Master’s in Technical Communication, details of the courses that I took during my graduate program, assignments we completed, article reviews of assigned readings, and how the things I learned in the course help me at my job as a technical writer. That brings us to the next category:

On The Job: Every Wednesday, I post about the job search process I used to get my technical writing jobs, day-in-the-life snapshots, real-world skills that I learned as a technical writer, and so on.

Tech Bytes: Every Friday, I post byte-sized resources on a small topic each week to help you get comfortable with technological concepts.

If you have questions, suggestions, or post requests, drop me a line at hello@amrutaranade.com

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