Why you should participate in Google Season of Docs

Season of Docs is Google Open Source’s new program to help technical writers contribute docs to open source projects by working with mentors and earning a stipend for the participating in the program.

Season of Docs is a unique program that pairs technical writers with open source mentors to introduce the technical writer to an open source community and provide guidance while the writer works on a real world open source project. The technical writer in turn provides documentation expertise to the open source organization.

Here’s why you should participate in Season of Docs:

Build your tech writing portfolio

In last week’s video, I discussed how my open source GitHub profile serves as my technical writing portfolio. I shared how my publicly accessible GitHub profile helps me demonstrate my technical skills, tech writing skills, collaborative skills, and flexibility and proficiency with tech writing tools.

Participating in Season of Docs and writing documentation for an open source project is an excellent way to build your tech writing portfolio.

Work with mentors

My favorite thing about Season of Docs is the opportunity to work with mentors. Contributing to open source projects is a daunting prospect; especially if you haven’t worked with GitHub and other open source tools before. Having a mentor who can guide you through the overwhelming parts of the process and is invested in your success is incredibly helpful.

Earn a stipend

After a successful project evaluation at the end of the program, Google will pay you a stipend calculated based on your location. For details, see Technical writer stipends.

Work with me!

I am participating in the program as a mentor for Hydra Ecosystem. Here’s a list of our project ideas: https://www.hydraecosystem.org/seasonofdocs-2019

If you find the project interesting and would like to work with me, apply to the program as a technical writer and select the Hydra Ecosystem project. And feel free to contact me if you need help coming up with a proposal for the project. I look forward to hearing from you πŸ™‚

Bonus: To know about additional ways to find open source projects and then choose the project that’s right for you, check out this video:


6 thoughts on “Why you should participate in Google Season of Docs

  1. Hi – I’m a fan of your videos and WTD slack contributions. I’m a longtime content creator and communications strategist switching to technical writing, and I’m currently working on learning API documentation. I can’t decide if Season of Docs is out of my current reach or not….it looks like it’s aimed at people who are already technical writers. Or am I wrong? I tried to connect with you on LinkedIn, but I think you have a setting that disables that. Thanks for all your work!

    1. Hello! Season of Docs does seem to be geared towards people who are already tech writers, but the applications our project has been receiving so far has a lot of non-tech writers as well. I would encourage you to go through the organizations and contact them to see if you can help them with their projects. Don’t self-select yourself out of the process just yet πŸ™‚

      I am sorry we couldn’t connect on LinkedIn! I don’t know what setting disabled it 😦 Could you DM me on Slack?

  2. Good to know you’re with the Hydra project πŸ™‚ because I was thinking of working on one of your project ideas (Idea #3). I had sent a mail to the email ID listed there, asking some questions so that I could craft my application better, but didn’t hear back and just assumed I must’ve sounded ‘odd’ somehow 😦 Hadn’t realised the Amruta mentioned there was you!

      1. Um, no 😦 No email from that mail ID (checked Spam as well). Do I need to be a member of that Google group, do you think, to receive emails from it?

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