Silicon Valley Resources

Before moving to the Silicon Valley, I conducted substantial research. I came across some awesome articles that talk about where and how to find accommodation, how to get around, and things to do. I don’t want to rehash the content, so posting the links here for you to explore:

An Intern’s Guide to a Summer in the Bay Area

An excellent starting point to start exploring the Bay Area. Written by Alexey, the article discusses housing and transportation options, as well as things to do and meetups to attend in the Bay Area.

Unofficial Waterloo USA Intern Guide

A comprehensive article consisting of resources ranging from Cell phone plans, banks, credit cards, taxes and much more. A one-stop guide for all the things you need to know if you are moving to the Bay Area from outside the US.

25 Things I wish I knew before moving to San Francisco

Some good-to-know information to get an idea of what life in SV looks like. But no actionable resources.

A Visitors Guide to Silicon Valley

Written by Bay Area veteran, Steve Blank, this is the starting point for a guided tour of the historical landmarks in SV. A very interesting read. Also explore the rest of Steve’s blog, as well as the links mentioned in the article.

Startup Ecosystem Canvas

An exhaustive list of resources for a startup newbie in the SV. Has resources about meetups, contacts, organizations – anything you might need to start your startup in SV.

A few closing thoughts:

  • People in SV are mostly in their own world, working on the next big thing, but when they do emerge from their mental worlds, they are very sociable, helpful, and welcoming.
  • The pace of SV, especially Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto and so on is pretty relaxed. When I first arrived here, I had expected sort of a frenzy-like pace. But in reality, the pace of life is luxurious and easy-going.
  • It is as expensive as they tell you it is. Make sure you budget your finances properly and follow the budget you set for yourself.There are tonnes of things to do around here, and it is easy to lose track of the money you spend. One of my friends put it succinctly: If you have the money, SV is an awesome place to be.
  • Public Transit is bad, really bad. Or at least takes a while to explore and get used to. But walking around is a lot of fun – the walkways are well-maintained and you can explore the city at a leisurely pace if you just stroll around it. Google maps are  life-savers, especially if you are directionally-challenged like me.
  • The weather’s tricky. I moved here with the image of sun and warmth and sipping coffees sitting on cafe porches, but was greeted with cold and windy climate – at the end of May! And the nights were so much worse. The first night it got so chilly that I couldn’t even sleep. So bring your warm clothes along – you never know when you might need them.


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