Karpewadi – Paradise on Earth

In the frantic pace of today’s life, amidst the constant ringing of cell phones and the hectic work schedules, our heart craves for a solitary moment of peace and quiet. This is what you gain at Karpewadi. Situated near Alibaug, on the eastern coast of India, it is the perfect destination for a family get-away. No cell phones, no internet, no newspapers, television – just you, your dear ones, and nature – truly Paradise on Earth.

BoardIt is a private beach resort, just a 3-hour drive from Pune. The first thing that strikes you as you reach there is the soothing peace and quiet. The breathtaking beauty of nature is a treat for the eyes. On arrival, you are served refreshing natural drinks of kokam sherbet and coconut water. The accommodation provisions consist of well-furnished cottages which have a traditional-village feel to them. There are hammocks and swings to escalate the relaxing experience. The food is delicious as well as nourishing. The expert chefs at the resort prepare the typical dishes of the coastal area as per your requests. The staff is very courteous and helpful, and extends good service.


After settling in, you can proceed to the beach. The path to the beach is a beautiful way through the woods. Being a private beach, it is absolutely clean and not at all crowded. It is lined with ranges and ranges of coconut trees, smooth and firm sand, and crystal clear water. You can enjoy the boat rides, which take you deep into the sea and if you are lucky, watch the dolphins. The view there is marvelous. Surrounded by water on all sides, the sunrays playing on the water surface, the infinite sky overhead, birds sitting on the still water surface, and pin-drop silence – it is really a worthy experience.Path


Being in nature’s vicinity soothes the ruffled soul. It heals and resurrects the spiritual energy within you. All the stress and tensions of your daily life vanish into the thin air. You miraculously find the answers to all the troubling problems that you might be facing. The unpolluted, pure air refreshes your senses. The serenity of the place offers you a chance to reconnect with yourself and with nature. You feel one with nature, and can admire the splendor of natural beauty – the sunrise and the sunset, the scaling heights of the trees, the varied hues of natural colors, the mighty mountains next to the infinite water- it is a superb experience. You truly appreciate God’s powers and His Creations. It is an experience that rejuvenates your entire being and prepares you to take on your worldly responsibilities with a renewed vigor.



In the mad rat-race of our times, such a vacation definitely helps to gain the right perspective and regain your strength to face the obstacles. Hope you enjoy your stay at Karpewadi. Bon Voyage!

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